Christmas Party Photo Booth Rentals

Christmas party photo booth rental

What is the one day a year when everybody from the office gets together and lets loose? The annual Christmas party! More often then not, you are filled with disbelief that your coworkers could be so much fun, wishing you had brought your camera to capture it all. The solution, a Granville Vancouver Photobooth rental!

It’s the perfect way to document any corporate event! Unlike their predecessors, Granville Photobooth’s booths are of an open-air concept. By removing the walls, all space limitations are eliminated, allowing as many people to get in as possible and opening the floor to some pretty hilarious photo-bombs! Not only does the lack of walls accommodate more funny faces it also makes for a more interactive photobooth experience. Along with the awesome open-airness, our photobooths are equipped with touch-screens, automatic printers, high definition DSLR cameras and all the bells and whistles.

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All of our booth rentals also include a plethora of creative props that both add a fun touch to your photos and provide a helpful disguise for the shy ones in the bunch. You’d be surprised what kind of confidence is unleashed when hidden behind a mustache and some glam glasses! The instantaneous prints ensure that everybody leaves with proof, or we should say memories, of the night’s happenings!

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What our Christmas Party photo booth rental entails:

  • Leave the work to us –  Every rental includes set-up and take down that is not included in your rental time! This includes the backdrop, booth and props. We’ll be ready to go when your chosen time strikes.
  • Have a question, just ask –  One of our friendly staff will be present at every event for the entire duration.  Consider us a fly on the wall, out of the way unless you need us.
  • We bring the fun –  A wide variety of props, ranging from crazy hats to outrageous moustaches are included with every rental! If your corporate event has a theme, let us know and we will do our best to throw in a few key pieces.  For Christmas events we come prepared with many holiday themed props.
  • No need for limits –  Your guests are welcome to strike a pose as many times as they like, as every rental includes unlimited photos!  For each of your session instant photobooth prints come out in about 10 seconds.
  • Lets get digital –  Along with your prints, at the end of the night, we supply all of the high resolution digital photos to you.  These are yours to keep.  Print them, enlarge them or create a yearly holiday photo album.  Whatever the case, the digital photos are yours to keep!
  • Modern e-mailing of photos –  In addition to sending you a digital gallery of the photos, we can e-mail all of your guests their photos!  Guests can optionally enter their e-mail address at the end of their photo sequence, and we’ll send them their photos!  Want your brand message to accompany those e-mails?  Get in touch, and we’ll see if we can make it happen.
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With all rentals over two hours we provide custom branding to your photobooth prints.  Send us your company’s logo, and we’ll print it right on your pictures, however you like.  Subtle and small, or big and bold for all your VIP’s to see, it’s a great way to personalize your prints and enhance your brand!

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Why your corporate event needs our Granville Vancouver Photobooth rental

Get your name out there –  All the prints from your event will display your logo and any custom text of your choice. Your brand’s message will follow these prints wherever they go. You send us the logo and text and leave the rest up to us! Think about it, your companies name on millions of fridges. Recent feedback suggests over 95% of guests who have their photo taken either place it on their fridge, work desk, or with other photos at home.  Name another marketing campaign that can do that.  We haven’t seen one yet.

Watch and learn –  The open-air photobooth concept sets the stage for an effortless good time. Watching your coworkers don costumes and put on a show is not only entertaining, it is inspiring. After viewing a few sequences you’ll be biting your nails with anticipation, anxious for your turn. And we guarantee after one run at it you’ll be back again, and again.

Lasting memories –  No need to stress over remembering, we’ll capture the good times and give them to you within 15 seconds. Our booths are equipped with top of the line printers that deliver lab quality photos almost instantly. And don’t worry, these prints will survive time, they are tear-proof, waterproof and UV resistant.

Getting together –  We’ve said it once and we’ll say it over and over again, having a Granville Photobooth at your corporate Christmas event is the best way to get everyone having a good time together! The pressure free atmosphere of the booth is inviting to all, so grab a group of your besties, or the not so talkative new girl and strike a pose!

Best of the best – On top of all of those reasons, we believe we have the best Vancouver photobooth!  LED touchscreens, live view, hd DSLR cameras, e-mail integration and much more make us the best choice.

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