What type of booth is this?

We operate an open-air style booth with no walls or enclosures. A specialized non-reflective photographic backdrop is included and set up facing the camera.

What type of photo booth

How does the social media work?

After taking their photos, guests can upload them to Facebook and Twitter through our two built in custom touch screens. Guests can also email themselves or others these photos. All of these social shares are completely brandable from top to bottom. Graphics, text, hashtags, email content and more (wifi required)!  See the image below where you can see the side screen on the left.

Elengant photo booth

How does the printing work?

As soon as guests finish their photo sequence, printing occurs automatically on our high quality on-site printer. The photo size is one 4×6 inch print or two 2×6 inch prints. These are also fully brandable and customizable.

So you’re saying the guests get print and digital/social copies?

Yup! That is exactly what we’re saying.

What do the event hosts/organizers receive?

After the event you get an online gallery of all of the photos in their highest resolution. From there, you can download, view and share all of the images.

Do you have props? Are they an extra charge?

Props are always included and there’s no charge for them. We have lots of beautifully handcrafted props to choose from.

How big is the photo booth setup?

Our photobooth footprint is approximately 8 x 10 feet. This can be customized and shrunk to fit it tight spaces. The photobooth requires one standard electrical outlet, standard 8 foot ceilings and wifi.

How does the day of our event work?

We arrive about an hour before your rental period to set up. The booth is automated, but we stay on-site for the duration of the rental to assist guests if needed.

How does the custom branding work?

Upon booking we’ll send you design templates which you can use to craft the perfect branding material to complement the photobooth, photo prints and social interactions. Of course, we’ll help you out along the way!

How do we book?

A 25% retainer is due to reserve your date, with the remaining balance due the date of your event. We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal and cheque.

How much does it cost?

Pricing is located here. There’s no hidden fee’s or charges.  We accept payment online via PayPal which accepts all major credit cards.  We also accept payment by cheque.

How do we get our photos after the event?

Getting you, and your guests your photos quickly is important to us. We accomplish this in four ways:

  • Using our touchscreen system, right after your guests take their photos, they’re given the opportunity to enter their email address. From there, we email them the photos!
  • Your photos on disc – Before we leave for the night, we give you a disc of all the event’s photos! Our 4 and 6 hour packages come with a private online gallery where you can download your photos individually, and share the link to all your event’s guests.
  • Prints – each photo is printed twice on a 2×6 strip, so you get two photobooth prints per photo session.
  • Social Station – All photos are wirelessly sent to our social kiosk, where you can view all of them almost live as they’re taken!
Is set up and take down extra?

No.  Also, set up and tear down does not form part of your rental time.

Is there a limit to the amount of pictures?

No. You and your guests can take as many photos as you like during the time that you have booked the photo booth.

Is there a limit to the amount of prints?

Yes and no.  Each sequence received one print automatically.  Reprints or duplicates need to be arranged before the event and are $60.00/hour.

What is the photo quality like?

Our photobooths were created by established professional photographers, and the quality of your photos is very important to us. The photos are taken in high resolution from a professional camera and are of the highest quality. They’re so good that they can be printed and enlarged too!  All of this equals photo studio-like crisp and well lit photographs.  Want to see the resolution yourself?  Email us and we’ll send you a sample.

How many people can fit in one picture?

You are only limited to the number of people you can squeeze in front of the camera!  More than 10 is not uncommon.

What do you need from me on the day of our event?

Outside of venue access and a place to put the kiosk, nothing.  We set up, operate and tear down, leaving you to host your event.

Do you have a privacy policy?