Photo Booth Kiosk Branding

Take your event to the next level with custom photo booth decals or a full kiosk wrap.  Below you will find our templates and examples of these in use.  If you’re looking for an overview of all of our branding examples, head over to our case-study page first.

Full Kiosk Wrap

Our latest and most efficient method of kiosk wrapping is in the form of a foam core sleeve.  This sleeve is fitted perfectly to wrap the entirety of the kiosk from ground to top. Ports are cut out to allow for printing and all other kiosk elements to show through.

You have ultimate 360 degree design control over the photo booth from all sides.

Download the design template here.

Kiosk Decals

A less costly but still effective method of branding the kiosk is using matte vinyl cut decals. Decals can be placed anywhere on the kiosk and can be in any colour (although white shows best against the black kiosk).

Download the design template here.

Photo Booth Kiosk Branding